Community Empowerment
The Role of Gempita of Central Java in Supporting Sustainable Landscape in Central Java
Kamis 6 Desember 2018

First published : 27 February 2018


SURAKARTA -  The people, especially farmers, are the ones who are in direct contact with the landscape of Central Java through natural resources management and utilisation. To improve their participation in the development of sustainable landscape in Central Java, Business Watch Indonesia has involved the participation of various stakeholders who worked closely with the society, including Gempita.


Gempita (Gerakan Pemuda Tani Indonesia), the Indonesian Young Farmers Movement, is a movement initiated by the Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman, to promote the role of the youth in agriculture. Gempita is the government’s institutionalised commitment to empower the youth and foster national identity as an agrarian nation. As the movement directly mandated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Gempita envisions national food self-sufficiency. The vision can be fulfilled by using a number of approaches, including through regeneration of farmers, expansion of cultivation areas, and empowerment of human resources for strengthened and sustainable agriculture.


Based on the vision, which is in line with the goal of sustainable landscape, Gempita of Central Java will collaborate with Business Watch Indonesia in achieving sustainable landscape in Central Java. This was indicated by the Gempita Coordinator for Central Java region, Ricky Ariartha, during the workshop on sustainable landscape development in Surakarta on 24-25 February 2018.