Community Empowerment
Nine Organisations to Work Together to Achieve Sustainable Landscape in Central Java
Rabu 5 Desember 2018

First published : 9 December 2016


Nine organisations, including government agencies, private institutions, and non-government organisations met and held a discussion during a meeting that was part of the series of workshop on sustainable landscape in Central Java. The organisations are: the Central Java Provincial House of Parliament, Jenderal Soedirman University, Central Java Provincial Agency for Community and Rural Empowerment, Provincial Office of Water Resource Management, Andalan National Farmer Association, Budi Mix Farming, Provincial Office of Food Crop Agriculture and Horticulture, Yayasan Jateng Berdikari, and Business Watch Indonesia.


In the previous workshop, it was evident that the stakeholders were aware that sustainable landscape should become the basis for developing agriculture in Central Java, especially in achieving food security in Central Java. A landscape involves many aspects and comprehensive areas. Sustainable landscape management cannot be achieved by one single person or organisation only. It needs good collaboration and coordination between all stakeholders concerned to pursue the initiatives in sustainable landscape management.


From this concern, the organisations became aware of the urgency on the need for the establishment of a platform that can bring together all major stakeholders in sustainable landscape in Central Java. The meeting that was held on 1 December 2016 in Semarang aimed at establishing that platform.


The meeting started with the explanation on the objectives of the meeting and continued with introduction of participating organisations. Warsito, the Special Staff of the Governor of Central Java province, led the brainstorming during the meeting. Some of the issues discussed in the brainstorming included the initial target and the position of the platform in supporting the work of the government. A number of participants also suggested that the platform consisted of a core team that can have an advisory role and monitor the work of the platform to comply with the overall aim of the forum.


The meeting also agreed that a temporary forum called the Sustainable Landscape Secretariat (Sekretariat Kawasan Pangan Berkelanjutan/SKPB) would be established. The nine organisations agreed to become the advisory body of the Secretariat while a more complete structure would be developed during the next workshop. They also had the same perception that the forum would serve to synergize all existing programs to achieve sustainable landscape and were committed to implement all the plans that the forum have developed in their respective organisation.